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All classes are £5 the hour , Family discounts are awarded after a years membership ,should it be required . Cheerleaders that crossover into and older age group based on merit have their class money capped at £25 a week despite how many extra hours they do

Competition cheer teams are selected each year and mostly comprise of members who have been with the team for a number of years and or by those who have served their time in the cheer for fun class and been selected into the competition team .Anyone with cheer , dance or gymnastic experience can ask to audition to enter the competition team at any time .Electric Candy Competition cheerleaders are expected to be a 100% dedicated and in more times than not sacrifice other things to be in this team to keep the squad professional and on going champions .

Cheer for fun class is a nice way to introduce the sport at a slower pace and at a more cost effective way .This class Teaches  all of the same skills but in a less demanding way . Its a mixed class of ages and always working on show routines for our annual parent and and family performance around Easter Time . Its fun and exciting performing to the latest music favourites with your friends , a very popular class by all ages .

Friday stage school is a wonderful class for your children if they dream of being a ballerina on stage with the full tutu experience . This class is the first step to introducing the basics of flexibility , showmanship , encourages confidence and team building , it is a full class every year as the kids can't get enough of our singing, dancing and acting to Disney's favourite moves tracks and beautiful costumes , all a while teaching the fundamentals of stage ballet and tap . a warm and exciting experience for young children .

Partner stunts is a pairing on one male base and one female flyer or on some occasions in our our team a female base and female flyer . its involvements its a gymnastics type performance with the  base throwing and supporting the flyer in the air .This Class is coached by Finlay Hamilton Scottish and British champion and as a team we are  undefeated in the last 7 years in the whole of Europe thanks to our other champion in the team Gordon Wheatley .

This is a great class if you have a cheer background as a strong base or a confidant flyer or come from a sports Acro background .

Our Gymnastic Class is only available  to our own members , otherwise we would be inundated with children  and a waiting list as long as our arm .This is based on the fact as  tumbling is a big part of our point scoring system at our competition .So we fast track all our members to tumbling on their very first visit, supported of course by our brilliant staff , who are all tumblers and qualified coaches and experienced cheerleaders .Every member is pushed to strengthen their core encouraged in their flexibility . Fitness is key in any sport and is this is a great focus with us, we have a very fast turnaround of tumblers in our team  as quick as 6 months and as young as 6 years old depending when they started .


(if ordering uniform please contact

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 and size to be handed In at class )

Class uniform for all members in all cheer classes and cheer for fun -

EC Navy or Grey T-shirt £13 

EC Hoody £35
Soft clean shoes for new members

ecc logo leggings (cropped or full length ) £tbc

ecc logo crop top £tbc

( all above orders to be placed to Nicola)

ecc Bagpacks personalised £20

ecc Bum Bags £13