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​Nicola Hamilton Head coach and choreographer 
Nicola Hamilton comes from a long history of singing  , dancing and acting
dancing from a very young age with , Janice lynn kirkland to, Sandrah Aitkenhead on to  lillian Mcneil private dance college and cheering for the Scottish Claymores 1998.
Nicola started  Electric Candy Cheerleaders in 1999 at universal connections ,  went on to run the team as a full time job from 2004 and never looked back .
Qualifications in B.A.T.D. for dance and NFHS , USASF ,WCA ,BCA for cheer this makes Nicola a qualified coach and judge in her very successful team .
Nicola was also 2019 Team Scotlands All Girl Level 5 Coach Who competed at the Cheerlading World Championships in Florida.
Finlay Hamilton Gymnastic and senior cheer Coach

Married to Nicola Hamilton , comes from a very successful sporting background having done all badges in gymnastics as a child and played volleyball for scotland​.
He started as a cheerleader in the coed section in 2002 he has went on to extend his talents in the sport to be scottish and national european champions with his team  partner  stunts and as one of 5 in group stunt teams , Finlays success had lead him to coach senior cheer teams to victory and remain as a top coach on the squad and guide other coaches at our sunday gymnastic class. Qualified by the USASF governing body .

Joni Wheatley Co Coach 
A cheerleader from the very first day , 15 years experience of the sport, Scottish national and European champion .Joni plays a very important role in the team she works closely with the head coach Nicola in Junior & senior cheer . Joni has taken many of her team routines to victory in past 10 years  A very trusted and valued member of staff who has no end to her talents as she's also the person behind our great music played at competitions. USASF qualified governing body
Shane Graham - Gymnastic Coach 
Shane has been coaching gymnastics for 6 years and currently coaches ECC's Sunday gymnastics class. Shane was previously a competitive cheerleader for 10 years, first with London based European champions Ascension Eagles, then in coed Top Silver with Electric Candy Cheerleaders.Shane has competed at the cheerleading worlds in Florida three times, and performed at NFL Wembley and UEFA and FA cup finals. He currently practices martial arts where he has recently achieved his Muay Thai grading license. Shane has advanced level 5 tumbling skills and experience which make him a great role model and coach in inspiring the team to push themselves in obtaining the best tumbling skills possible.
Rebbecca White 
Rebbecca has been doing cheerleading for 16 years and joined ECC in 2016. Rebbecca has a qualifications as a coach in novice 1 & Intermediate 2 Cheer Levels and has worked with all divisions within the team from babies through to senior age groups. This year rebbecca is coaching in the new babies cheer class, mini cheer level 1, youth cheer level 1 elite and senior cheer level 1. Rebbecca also helps out in the fitness and gymnastics class. Not only this but Rebbecca has competed in cheer and pom herself and is currently still a senior member. Cheerleading and coaching is Rebbecca’s  passion and she loves nothing more than working with her team on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night also seeing her team learn new skills and ensuring routines get the highest of points so they can be the very best they can be.
Brogan Muir
I am Brogan Muir and this year I am coaching Mini, Youth and Senior Level one competitive teams. I also will be helping out with the junior 2 and fitness class. I started at electric Candy 8 years ago and I have been assistant coaching for 3 years as well. In 2019 I was part of the unified Team Scotland All Girl Elite and I competed at ICU in Florida.  I love to coach at Electric Candy as I feel I have a special connection with the athletes as I have been an athlete before. In the past year I have now became fully qualified in level one and two cheerleading coaching and I feel excited for the new season.
Robyn Bruce
I have been a member of Electric Candy for over 12 years competing in both their cheer and dance teams. My role as staff in the team is I coach the tiny, mini and youth dance teams and I also help coach our stage school class. I love having the opportunity to coach our young athletes and teaching them new skills. I have had many years of dance and cheer experience including being a member of Team Scotland’s level 5 senior elite cheer team and also Team Scotland’s senior hip hop team, I represented both teams in 2019 in Florida at the ICU world championships.
Miss Hayleigh
I am Miss Hayleigh and I teach dance at electric candy. I’ve been a part of the team for 11 years now performing, helping out and now teaching. I have experienced dance from all around the world as I have travelled to places such as LA to further my knowledge. I was also part of Team Scotland unified level 5 cheerleading squad who competed in Florida. I also I was also I am now a qualified teacher and currently studying dance at college. I teach multiple styles of dance such as jazz, lyrical, theatre jazz, freestyle, hip hop and many more. I also focus on technique, conditioning and body con to keep up dancers technique and strength.
Ellie Barclay
Hi Im Ellie Barclay and I have been apart of the Candy  family for 13 years. I coach the baby class and tiny cheer. I love helping the athletes learn new skills. 
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Paige Hill
I have been part of Electric Candy Cheerleading for approximately 9 years now and for the past 4 years I have been assisting Stage School and Friday Cheer For Fun .This season I will be assisting Stage School, Friday Cheer For Fun and Youth Cheer. I love watching the athletes accomplish their goals at Cheerleading, whether that is a new motion or a new tumble skill.
Lauren Jackson
I have been with Electric Candy for 7 years. I am the team tech manager. I help with the behind the scenes running of the club, such as organising classes and information for parents. I also manage the team Instagram account and will often be in classes getting photos and videos to share of our athletes
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